Bruce Arians “wouldn’t be surprised” by Tom Brady extension

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has spent some time talking about the future this week.

Brady said early in the week that he’s given thought to playing past the age of 45 and followed that up by sharing his belief that next year will be better than this one. That year is the second and final one on the deal Brady signed with the Bucs last offseason, but his performance and desire to keep playing has some people thinking about a longer relationship.

One person thinking that way asked Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians if there have been any talks about a contract extension at this point. Arians said that isn’t his department, but has no reason to think they wouldn’t be fruitful ones.

“I think Tom’s real happy where he’s at, and I wouldn’t be surprised,” Arians said at his Thursday video conference.

Given how well this year went for player and team, Arians will likely have plenty of company in that regard if the two sides do come together on another agreement.