Bruce Arians not too concerned about rain for Super Bowl LV

The forecast for Sunday in Tampa currently calls for rain. That could make for a cool looking halftime show, but it’s not exactly ideal conditions for the for the players.

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians said Thursday that his team has been able to evade the elements for the most part in 2020. But as the first team to ever host a Super Bowl in its home stadium, that could change.

“They’re talking rain in the morning and possibly clearing up for the game, but you never know,” Arians said. “We’ve been outside in the wind all week and it’s been really, really windy. That affects the kickers and the quarterbacks, obviously. The field’s going to be in great shape. Tom [Brady] has played in every kind of weather condition there is. And for our guys, just proper shoes, proper gloves if you’re handling a wet ball.”

Having played in New England for nearly two decades, Brady likely won’t be as affected as some other quarterbacks might with inclement weather. But wet conditions could make Ronald Jones, Leonard Fournette, and the Buccaneers running game even more important in Super Bowl LV.